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2015 IPEDS Graduation Rate 200% Component Data Summary

IPEDS collects important information regarding your institution.  All data reported in IPEDS survey components become available in the IPEDS Data Center and appear as aggregated data in various Department of Education reports.  Additionally, some of the reported data appears specifically for your institution through the college Navigator website and is included in your institution’s Data Feedback Report (DFR).  The purpose of this summary is to provide you an opportunity to view some of the data that, when accepted through the IPEDS quality control process will appear on the College Navigator website and/or your DFR. College Navigator is updated approximately three months after the data collection period closes and Data Feedback Reports will be available through the Data Center and sent to your institution’s CEO in November 2016.


Please review your data for accuracy.  If you have questions about the data displayed below after reviewing the data reported on the survey screens, please contact the IPEDS Help Desk at:  1-877-225-2568 or


Graduation Rates for 100%, 150%, and 200% of normal time-Cohort Year 2011

Graduation Rate – 100% of normal time                                                     93%

Graduation Rate – 150% of normal time                                                    93%

Graduation Rate – 200% of normal time                                                    93%